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We make it easy for founders to raise funds online from prospective investors and group them into a dedicated vehicle.

You can also simplify your current ownership structure by rolling-up existing investors into a single cap table entry ahead of your next raise.

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We provide vehicles for angel groups, syndicates and VC co-investments. Leverage our platform to launch your deal and invite your network to invest in a dedicated vehicle.

Zest takes care of administration and governance for the investment lifetime.

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We empower venture-backed companies to launch liquidity events for their shareholders and team via secondary transactions.

Our company centric approach aligns interests across your stakeholders while promoting transparency and engagement on all sides.

Investing 101

We put together a list of key terminology to help you get through the legal jargon and acronyms. Also, read our blog to learn more.

Venture Capital

A form of private equity funding that is provided to early stage companies with high growth potential

Angel Investors

Individuals who invest in startups, typically in their earlier stages of development


All parties that have a relevant interest in a company, including (but not limited to) it’s investors, founders and employees

Investment Vehicle

A legal entity created for the purpose of allowing a group of investors to invest together


A group of investors that agree to participate in one or more investments together through an investment vehicle

Deal Lead

A deal lead is an investor who takes responsibility for driving an investment and usually sets the investment terms

Cap Table

A capitalization (cap) table is a spreadsheet or table that shows a detailed breakdown of a company’s ownership


Equity represents a shareholder’s ownership interest in the net value of a company


The implied value of a company’s shares, typically calculated by multiplying the price per share x the number of outstanding shares

Pre vs. post-money valuation

The implied value of a company excluding (pre) or including (post) the amount raised in the latest funding round

Primary Fundraise

When a company is raising capital against newly issues shares or convertible instruments

Secondary Transaction

When pre-existing shares or convertible instruments held by investors in a company are sold or transferred to another party


How easily an asset can be transferred from one party to another, or converted into cash


When a company engages in a transaction that allows existing investors to sell their shares. Generally occurs through a trade sale or IPO

Preferred Shares

A share type that enjoys certain preferential rights over common shares in a company, examples include liquidation preferences, anti-dilution, special dividends and voting powers

Common Shares

A share type generally issued to founders, employees and in some cases, early investors of a company. Common shares typically have less rights than preferred shares

Convertible Note

A convertible note allows startups to raise funds from investors with a promise of future equity. Investors loan money to the startup and are usually repaid with equity at a future priced equity round


A SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) is a type of investment contract used by early-stage startups to raise capital without determining a specific valuation for the company.

Priced Equity Round

In a priced equity round, investors acquire priced shares in a company, whereby the share price is based on a negotiated valuation

Shareholders' Agreement

An agreement that governs the relationship between a company and its shareholders. Commonly referred to as a SHA

Subscription Agreement

A subscription agreement is a legal contract between a company and an investor that outlines the terms of the investor's purchase of shares in the company. The agreement is a critical document in a private placement offering, as it sets forth the terms and conditions of the investment.
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